P.-J. Brocard (1831-1896), glassblower and enameller.

Born in Lens Saint Servais in Belgium (Archives) Brocard was the first modern glassblower in France to be considered an artist and, like Théodore Deck, found new means of expression through drawing on the forms and practices of decoration originating in the Middle East. His glass works had a tremendous influence on the first enamel pieces of Emile Gallé, who in turn would inspire Brocard in his creations of the 1880s – creations which were decidedly European in shape and patterning...

J.-P. IMBERTON (1846 - ?), glassblower and enameller.

French artist born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1846, his workshops were located in Paris. Contemporary of Joseph Brocard, he developed his own distinctive and original style. He also invented of a new process of enameling on glass that took his name. Imberton participated to many major International Exhibitions worldwide...


Mosque Lamp

Philippe-Joseph BROCARD