Alfred-Paul-Louis Serre (1837-1906), Parisian painter and enameller. French School.

He started to work for Ferdinand Barbedienne around 1872, following the great enamelists such as Claudius Popelin (1825-1892), Alfred-Thomson Gobert (1822-1894) or Luddovic Crétineau-Joly who, intermittently worked for this house, to the preparation of "Limoges" (painted on copper) enamels for the Universal Exhibitions of 1862 and 1867 and on "special projects" for Barbedienne.

Alfred Serre received its first awards in 1873 at the Vienna Universal Exhibition and the year after in 1874 at the Exhibition of the Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs of Paris (UCAD).

His collaboration with the maison Barbedienne lasted until the death of Ferdinand Barbedienne in 1892.


Painted Enamel

Alfred SERRE